CarbonX synergy with silica brings to the PCR market the opportunity to create fuel efficient tires that are not compromising on grip. The outstanding toughness of CarbonX based compounds in SBR makes our grades the ideal candidate for demanding applications such as winter tires.


Truck tires require carbons that can maximise the lifetime of the tire and reduce the risk of failures. CarbonX can deliver tire treads with high durability and excellent fuel efficiency at the same time.


Improving the durability and uptime of OTR tires without compromising the overall energy efficiency of the vehicle is where typically carbon black fails and CarbonX strives. CarbonX grades have the unique ability of improving wear and cut resistance together with heat build-up.

Durability | Wear
Uptime | CCC
Energy efficiency | HBU


Racing Bicycle

CarbonX can provide a boost in performance in all the categories riders care about: rolling resistance, durability and puncture resistance. Furthermore, CarbonX unique features can postpone the performance decay of the tire by more than 50%.


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