CarbonX is a 3D porous network structure of carbon filaments that forms a micron-sized aggregate.
Upon processing, the rigid filaments and accessible pores stay intact.
Enabling improved mechanical, electrical and thermal properties.

Create Better Properties

Conventional filler materials are used to boost material performance.
However, they exhibit serious limitations in achieving state-of-the-art design criteria.
Often they're hard to process, provide non-uniform properties or are simply too expensive.

CarbonX's sophisticated network structure eliminates these problems.
Providing ultimate freedom of design.




Mass Manufactured


CarbonX's porous network structure allows for great dispersion in any polymer matrix.
The semi-crystalline filaments exhibit great interaction with the matrix.
They are able to absorb mechanical forces and dissipate them along the network.
Resulting in:

Increased tensile strength

Increased stiffness/modulus

Increased abrasion resistance


The preformed semi-crystalline network structure allows for strict control of conductive behavior.
Migration is prevented by the network being perfectly embedded in the matrix ensuring long-lasting performance.

Effective heat and electron transfer

Flatter percolation curves

EMI shielding


The connected carbon filaments are hindered to re-agglomerate during processing. Whether it is extrusion, injection molding, thin films, CarbonX is highly processable.

Processable with standard industrial processing equipment.

Limited impact on viscosity.

Adding material properties without compromise on hardness.

Mass Manufactured

CarbonX technology is so robust that it has been adapted to existing manufacturing plants.
This ensures a competitive price with optimum product quality.

High volume supply

Worldwide availability

Quality Assurance

Products We Enhance

elastomers carbonx


CarbonX is suitable to be compounded with any kind of rubber: SBR, NR, FKM, etc.

  • Shifting the balance in compound properties
  • Improve Thermal/Electrical conductivity/Mechanical reinforcement
  • Limited impact on Hardness/Mooney viscosity


Experts are compounding CarbonX with PP, PA6, PC, PEEK, etc.

  • Enhance freedom-of-design (thin films, lightweight, complex details)
  • Improve Thermal/Electrical conductivity/Lightweight reinforcement
  • Limited impact on MFI and processability
thermosets carbonx


Experts are compounding CarbonX with Epoxys, PU, Polyesters, etc.

  • Enabling smart, functional coatings and structures
  • Improve Thermal/Electrical conductivity
  • Limited impact on viscosity
batteries carbonx


Experts are using CarbonX to produce the next generation of Li-ion and Lead-acid batteries.

  • Enabling thin film electrodes, current collectors and expanders for batteries
  • Higher capacity, cycle life, charge acceptance
  • Low resistivity and limited impact on processability

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