Our mission is Circularity

In CarbonX, we have a commitment with our work and with the responsability that we have as designers and creators in the climate revolution we are living. Our material has given us the opportunity to haver a better impact in this world and to persue sustainable development goals.


Improving Fuel Efficiency

The unique features of CarbonX makes it possible to fabricate tires that have high fuel efficiency and improved abrasion resistance. By improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, we can reduce the amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere. At the same time, we can help the entire tire sector reducing the number of tires that are sent to waste every year by extending tires lifetime.

Sustaining the transition to renewables 

Fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable sources for our electricity.  An example of this is that the more efficient electrical heating elements are replacing gas and oil heating systems. CarbonX products can help with this current world energy transition.   Our material has been successfully used to add electrical features to a variety of resins. These electrically conductive resins can be used as part of heating element of electrical heaters.

Recycling made easy 

Thermoplastics are generally recyclable. Nonetheless, recycling reinforced plastics is limited as the reinforcing fillers do not withstand the re-processing cycles. The strong structure of CarbonX remains intact after several cycles of processing. This means that the physical and mechanical properties of the so recycled composites remain constant, extending the lifetime of the compound.