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中国地区副首席代表: CarbonX Deputy Director China


Working location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China


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CarbonX is an advanced material company based in the Netherlands, developing and commercializing an advanced class of high-performance Carbon. Last year, CarbonX has successfully scaled-up its production and started supplying products on a global scale. CarbonX products are absorbing increasing interest in the tyre, industrial rubbers, batteries and plastics industries. Hence, we are currently expanding our operations to Asia and have founded a sales representative office in ShenZhen, China.

Therefore, we are actively looking for an experienced Deputy Director (China) to operate and manage the ShenZhen office and lead CarbonX sales in China.

Job description:

A Deputy Director China has a good understanding of the sales process, (preferably in chemical products and/or materials) and proven experience in managing a (sales) team. You are responsible for lead generation and setting up deals in selected Chinese markets. CarbonX headquarters will provide support in sales strategy, marketing tools and initial customer database. You will take care of company administration and report on frequent basis to CarbonX’s Head of Business China. Similarly you will communicate with the European team on a bi-weekly basis to update on market reporting, new product updates and sales progress. Your initial role will start with providing support to CarbonX in founding the sales representative office in ShenZhen.

Phase one, responsibilities:

  1. Work on the local administration, in order to set up the sales representative office, which is owned by a foreign mother company
  2. Seek for proper office space and separate warehousing, by taking into account accessibility, safety, cost, etc.
  3. Recruit a team of 4 sales representatives to initiate sales activities.

Phase two, responsibilities:

  1. Lead generation and setting up purchase deals within markets selected by CarbonX headquarters. Achieve sales targets and implement strategies to increase target sales revenue
  2. Manage and develop existing and new end customers/accounts, via telemarketing, face to face interaction, etc. within China region
  3. Account management, provide aftersales support and maintain close contact with buyers, key managers and decision makers
  4. Fulfill customers daily inquires and handle long term requirement list on a regular basis
  5. Manage, operate and maintain contact with ShenZhen warehouse
  6. Company administration and periodically reporting

We offer:

  1. Work within a fast growing global operating company
  2. Training in professional presentation and communication skills, career development prospect
  3. Continuous interaction opportunities with our worldwide sales and technical team
  4. Further growth opportunities in view of further expansion in Asian market


  1. At least 5+ years of sales experience,
  2. Technical background is preferred, especially in chemical engineering, tyre, plastic masterbatch will be a plus.
  3. Affinity to the governmental/administrative procedures, broad social network will be a plus.
  4. English language is a plus

Skills Keywords:

Sales strategy, Lead Generation, Sales Process, Communication, Negotiation, Management, Engineering, English.


How to apply.

Send your CV to


荷兰CarbonX – 中国地区副首席代表

公司总部:CarbonX B.V.,荷兰,代尔夫特





中国区副代表需要有深厚的 (销售)团队管理经验,对营销及销售有深刻的理解(化工产品和/或材料为佳)。CarbonX荷兰总部将提供销售策略、市场工具和客户名录方面的支持。中国区副代表的主要职责是负责我司产品在中国市场的销路拓展;此外其还将参与业务代表处的行政管理。中国区副代表直接向中国区代表并定期向荷兰总部汇报工作。中国区副代表将每两周与欧洲团队沟通,以更新市场报告、获取产品更新及销售进展。



  1. 参与代表处的设立,及管理工作;
  2. 寻找合适的办公空间及产品仓库;
  3. 招聘销售代表若干名,并领导其开展销售活动。


  1. 在总部选定的市场内进行销售拓展,执行总部的营销策略,完成销售目标并提高销售收入;
  2. 管理中国区现有客户,同时负责发掘新增客户;
  3. 维护客户关系并提供售后支持;
  4. 领导负责客户的各类咨询,并定期处理客户对产品提出的各类需求(技术指标等);
  5. 管理、操作和维护与仓库及库存等;
  6. 负责代表处的行政管理及定期报告。


  1. 在跨国公司进行创新型产品的营销及管理工作;
  2. 优秀的专业能力培训及职业发展前景;
  3. 与我司全球各地销售团队和技术团队持续互动的机会;
  4. 随着亚洲市场的进一步扩大带来的更多业务机会和成长空间。


  1. 至少5-8年销售经验;
  2. 有化工行业技术背景者优先,特别是化学工程、轮胎、橡胶、塑胶母粒等行业者优先;
  3.  熟悉政府及行政程序;
  4. 大学本科以上学历;
  5. 英语口语交流顺畅者为佳。