Anti-vibration applications such as engine mounts require a challenging combination of reinforcement and low hysteresis to meet the application requirements in terms of vibration isolation and durability. CarbonX grades shine especially in the heavy-duty applications when highly reinforcing carbon black will fail in providing the low hysteresis features required by this application.



Serviceability, longevity, safety, those are the main requirements for any hoses application. CarbonX grades can provide those features in a variety of matrixes. From high abrasion resistance NR and SBR compound for solids transportation, to conductive FKM meant for petrochemicals: whatever your application, we have products to meet your requirements.


Serviceability | Flexibility
Longevity | Chemical/thermal resistance
Safety | Conductivity



One of the main features of CarbonX grades is the ability to improve elasticity and compression set of rubber compounds in a variety of matrices, even at high loadings. This feature, together with the high conductivity levels that can be reached, makes CarbonX grades an excellent choice for improving both


Performance | Compression set + Elasticity
Longevity | Chemical/Thermal resistance
Safety | Conductivity



Adding CarbonX to your compound can improve the properties of both the cover and the inner layer of the belt. The unique combination of abrasion resistance and dynamic properties will help you in extending the lifetime as well as the energy efficiency of your belt. Furthermore, CarbonX materials can improve the layer-to-layer adhesion in a variety of matrices.


Our expert units at CarbonX, have experience in different markets and applications of interest. This makes our team the best ally in your journey towards your next successful application. Do you have a project in mind or would you like to know more about our products? Contact us!