Our ecosystem offers full customer support

From prototyping to mass scale production



Passion for chemistry, material science and sustainability, is the drive of our team.

Our problem-solving skills and strong interest in new applications, will be at your service from the beginning of your R&D process. We can and will explore together the capabilities of CarbonX product to tackle the challenges of your new or existing applications.

We will guide you in the selection of our most fit grade for your task/challenge. During our collaboration, we can also help you with the design of experiments and tests needed to validate your case. Our labs are fully equipped to evaluate a wide range of applications: from elastomer to thermoplastics, from mechanical reinforcement to electrical conductivity.



Application development cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Whether your new challenges come from new regulations or your strive for innovation, CarbonX is here to help you. We will guide you through the selection of the best grade to reach your target and the refining of the processing necessary to get the optimal performance CarbonX can offer. Together we will move as quickly as possible towards the prototype phase.



CarbonX is well equipped to support you in the commercialisation phase. Our company counts with two warehouses in Europe and Asia, which allow us to provide you with a prompt delivery and supply. Our agile production structure together with our expertise, make us the perfect partner to meet the special requirements of your current and new applications. During this commercialisation stage, we can offer the possibility to collaborate on a marketing strategy: our brands will work together to promote your successful application.