About Us

We believe in a better world. One in which we more efficiently use and re-use our planet’s resources.

CarbonX is not just a material. CarbonX is our way to contribute to this change and make an impact. Our aim is to enable our clients to access better properties, to open a new world of design opportunities and to, together, access to more sustainable and smart material solutions.

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Our Journey

CarbonX was discovered in 2014 by our CEO, Rutger van Raalten. Together with our CTO, Daniela Sordi, they believed in this new material and the new possibilities it can unlock.

With the support of TU Delft, we started growing, patenting our grades and discovering every day more of our material. 

We scaled up our production (200,000 ton per annum accessible capacity), which allowed us to do what we wanted the most: provide our clients with our support and material so that we can share its benefits. We started shaping our ecosystem, fully prepared to provide research and testing. We are enjoying this journey with our colleagues, a diverse group of bright and enthusiastic professionals who always bring the right attitude to follow our main goal: to create a better future by creating sustainable and smart carbon solutions.