Production Engineer

CarbonX is a company that originated from Delft University of Technology and specializes in materials science. We produce an innovative carbon network that can be applied to make polymers stronger and electrically and thermally conductive. As we have clients moving from the prototype phase to the commercial production scale, we are looking for a production engineer that can help us run and optimize the production at our production partners in China.

As a Production Engineer, you are responsible for planning, execution and optimization of the production process. You will be the main point of contact for our production partners in China. You will be based at our R&D center in Delft, but depending on demand you will go to China for a production run a couple of times per year. Together with the production team, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Plan and execute production projects at our current production partners in China
  • Optimize the production process by modeling and lab research
  • Qualify facility and equipment onsite of our production partners
  • Contact suppliers and optimize raw material cost

We are looking for someone who:

  • has a Master or higher degree, preferably in the field of chemical/mechanical engineering
  • 1 -3 years relevant work experience, preferably in the chemical industry
  • is familiar with a lab environment and production environment
  • is fluent in English and Chinese (strict requirement)
  • has a proactive can-do attitude
  • has strong communicative skills
  • has an energetic, positive and optimistic mindset
  • likes to work in a dynamic environment
  • possesses strong project management skills, such as planning / organizing
  • is flexible and can work independent

In return, you will get a fulltime appointment for 1 year, with the intention to start a long-term cooperation. You will receive a competitive salary and get the opportunity to work in a friendly, open and innovative environment where the next generation of materials is being designed. You will be part of an international team of around 30 passionate colleagues who will not only happily share their knowledge and experience with you, but also guarantee a weekly taste of international cuisine and baking skills. Getting hungry yet?

If you are interested in this position, please get in touch with Robin Crepin, Head of Production at CarbonX via or 015-2036007.





CarbonX公司源自代尔夫特理工大学,致力于先进高性能碳材料的开发和应用。 本公司研发的创新型碳结构可用于加固聚合物、强化电气性能和导热性能。目前使用本公司产品的客户正由产品原型阶段推进到商业化规模生产阶段。基于此,本公司现拟增聘生产部工程师一名,助力我司在中国的生产合作伙伴的生产运营和优化。

作为生产部工程师,您需要负责整个生产方案的计划、执行和优化。 您将成为本公司在中国生产合作伙伴的主要联系人。您的主要工作地点在本公司位于代尔夫特的研发中心;但根据需求,您每年会需要前往中国本公司的合作伙伴处开展生产工作。 与生产部团队一起,您将承担以下职责:

  • 计划并执行生产项目,地点为本公司位于中国的生产合作伙伴处
  • 通过建模和实验室研究以优化生产流程
  • 实地验证我公司生产合作伙伴的设施和设备
  • 联系原材料供应商,并优化原料成本


  • 拥有硕士或更高学历,最好是化学/机械工程领域的相关专业
  • 具有1 -3年相关工作经验,化工行业为佳
  • 熟悉实验室环境和生产现场环境
  • 英语和中文流利(必备要求)
  • 具有积极进取的态度
  • 具备优秀的沟通能力
  • 有活力,具有积极向上和乐观的心态
  • 喜欢在动态发展的环境中工作
  • 拥有强大的项目管理能力,例如计划、组织等
  • 可以灵活并独立的工作


如果您对此职位感兴趣,请发邮件rcrepin@carbonx.nl或致电015-2036007与CarbonX的生产部主管Robin Crepin联系。