Boost Product Performance

CarbonX helps you create the next generation of materials.
Its unique carbon network structure enables better material properties,
opening up a new world of design opportunities.

Markets We Serve


Enhancing properties while keeping hardness and viscosity intact.

SBR, NR, FKM, EPDM, Silicone Rubber


Enabling lightweight, conductive, reinforced compounds with excellent processability.

PP, PA6, PC, and PEEK


Controlling properties without compromise on flowability and dispersion.

Epoxy, PU, Polyesters


Enabling high energy density battery design and increasing cycle life.

Li-ion, Lead-acid

How Does It Work?


CarbonX is a porous micron-sized network made of carbon filaments.
The 3D structure allows to effectively transfer heat, electrons and mechanical forces.
The individual branches are strong and immobilized, keeping the pores intact.

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Mass Manufactured


Manufactured in 200,000 tonne per annum plants, global capacity available.
More than 200 tonne of material in stock.

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Application Development


Our laboratories are equipped to develop and test optimal processing settings.
Experience the benefits of CarbonX in customized product formulations.
The trusted expertise of our engineers and skilled laboratory staff is at your service.

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Enhance Your Future

Every industrial revolution was preceded by an innovation in material science.
We are standing at the fringe of a new revolution ourselves.
Together we have the opportunity to develop next generation products,
based on light-weighting, higher efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.
Let’s start the carbon-revolution, why wait?

Cost Effective

Outstanding price/performance compared to typical carbon materials.

Property Enhancing

Excellent mechanical and conductive properties, no compromise on processability.

High Purity

More than 98% Carbon. Low PAH content.


Heavy-duty performance and low carbon footprint compared to conventional carbons.


Business Case: Highly Conductive Heat Shields For Li-Ion Batteries.
Better heat transfer required through the heat shield to enable high energy density battery design.

Solution: CarbonX® X7.
CarbonX outperforms conventional carbon blacks in terms of heat transfer in silicone rubber heat shields
with minimum impact on hardness and viscosity.

Global Battery Manufacturer

Innovation & Business Development Manager

Business Case: High Performance Conveyor Belts.
Adding anti-static properties to rubber compounds for conveyor belts comes at the cost of
rolling resistance, hardness, and viscosity.

Solution: CarbonX® X7.
CarbonX has minimum impact on hardness and viscosity to achieve the desired values of conductivity.

Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Head of R&D

Business Case: Fuel Efficient Truck-Tires.
Improving rolling resistance without compromise on anti-static properties, viscosity, or hardness.

Solution: CarbonX® X1/X3.
Low hysteresis in combination with anti-static resistivity is obtained, resulting in a lower friction tire.

Global Top 10 Tire Manufacturer

Materials Specialist

Business Case: Reliable ESD Wafer Trays For The Semi-Conductor Industry.
Homogeneous anti-static trays need to carry silicon wafers in production to prevent damage
by uncontrolled electrostatic discharge.

Solution: CarbonX® X1.
The network structure provides better control of designing anti-static properties while providing
lightweight reinforcement.

Semiconductors Industry Compounder

Head of Technology