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a revolutionary new carbon.

CarbonX is a newly discovered carbon material in the form of a structured network of nanofibers. This network structure exhibits unique features, which provides new opportunities for product designers, converters and compounders.

Bringing unprecedented features.

For the first time, it will be possible to create isotropic reinforced conductive materials by addition of just one component. CarbonX’s uniform nanofiber network structure can be easily embedded in to a wide range of polymer compounds. No need for manual lay-up or extensive pre-processing steps. As a result, compounders, formulators, manufacturers and product designers have the ultimate freedom of design and are able to create uniform material properties. Whether you want to control electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity or provide mechanical reinforcement. The pre-formed network structure provides uniform properties in every direction, while allowing for smooth processing and complex product details, due to the small particle size.

The future of manufacturing.

CarbonX brings the future of manufacturing closer than ever by providing new material solutions in the fields of Smart Materials, 3D Printing, Miniaturization, Lightweight Design and Re-use & Re-processing.