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Today’s world asks for more demanding materials and products. We desire low weight and high performance, with minimum environmental impact and low costs. CarbonX is here to deal with that. Our revolutionary carbon material enables lightweight, electrical conductive and thermal conductive solutions for polymeric materials. CarbonX is recyclable, easy to process and provides an ultimate freedom of shape, where other materials fail.

A Revolutionary Carbon

CarbonX is a newly discovered carbon material. Its primary particle is a chemically linked porous 3D-network of only a few micrometer in size. This unique structure enables isotropic strength- and conductivity enhancement in polymeric materials. CarbonX is fully recyclable and can be processed with standard equipment. No alignment or aiding agents are needed. Due to its small size and isotropic behavior, it can be processed without any restrictions to product size or shape.

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CarbonX develops a revolutionary carbon material that enables lightweight, thermally and electrically conductive solutions for plastic materials. Starting up as a spinoff company of Delft University of Technology, we now are part of Sequoia’s private equity investment portfolio since 2014. Direct involvement and a wide industry expertise, has enabled us to scale-up production and closely collaborate with plastic compounders and end-product developers. Together we aim for lightweight opportunities in automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction and wind energy industries.

CarbonX has its main office in Amsterdam while R&D facilities are located in Delft and the Botlek area in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Contact Rutger for product- and sales enquiries. Daniela will be available for all your R&D requests.

Rutger van Raalten
Rutger van RaaltenChief Executive Officer
Daniela Sordi
Daniela SordiChief Technology Officer

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